Grow Room
HVAC Equipment

Specialized climate control equipment

for commercial grower

Altaqua HVACD

Built for Commercial Grow Facilities

Providing Dehumidifying, Air Conditioning, Heating & Ventilation . 

All-in-One HVAC system solves the complex commercial grow room environment control challenges. It will lead to exceeding yield expectations by up to 50%

Keep Targeted VPD

for Plants Grow

Altaqua HVACD is specially designed for plants growing considering the temperature and humidity demands at different stages. Current VPD and target VPD are shown on Siemens PLC control panels, and growers can set the combination of humidity and temperature to adjust it.

Grow Room Control


Grow Room HVAC

Altaqua HVACD, also called Grow Room HVAC, offer a wide capacity from 6 to 65 Ton. It maintains the target humidity and temperature by dehumidifying, air conditioning, and heating the whole year round. Besides that, some more useful growing control functions are also for choices.

  • Air Dehumidifying
  • Air Conditioning
  • Air Heating
  • Fresh Air Ventilation (Option)
  • CO₂ Control (Option)
  • Air Sterilization Light Control (Option)
Grow Room HVACD

Altaqua Remote Control Technology

24x7 Real-Time Internet Monitoring and Wifi Control





It is specifically designed for grow room monitoring to maximize the performance, value, and reliability of the HVACD we make


Grow Room Dehumidifier

Reliable Humidity Solution for Grow Rooms

Ideal stand-alone dehumidifier with Industrial-grade dehumidifying capacity.
Easy Control create happy and efficient growing environment for your crops.
Protects the healthy growth of crops and keeps them away from pests and diseases.
Grow Room Dehumidifier

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