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Altaqua GS-series grow room dehumidifiers are the ideal solution for your greenhouse and grow room humidity problems.
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Featured Products
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Suitable for different ambient temperatures and grow spaces.
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Suitable for different ambient temperatures and grow spaces.
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Other Grow Room HVAC
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Alto Refrigeration Manufacturing Co., Limited
Alto refrigeration, with the brand of Altaqua, is a professional HVAC products factory with more than 15 years of history. We specialize in the grow room HVAC, dehumidifier, chiller, heat pump, and other custom refrigeration systems. Our new generation HVAC systems realize the best grow room control of indoor climate, which includes humidity, temperature, airflow, and more custom functions.
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Focus on quality
Using international brand components
Money saving
Easy installation and operation
Customized available
Power, Refrigerant, Function, etc
International Certification
With certificates of ETL, CE, RoHS, etc
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